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Abstract Ceiling

'Love Frequency Promotions’ is a community-oriented project supporting anyone at any level who is eager to perform. Established in Greater Manchester in 2022 LFP hosts weekly open mics, local showcases, and events that align with Taurud’s philosophy  - freedom, love, integrity, and community are always at the forefront.

The local showcase was dedicated to unsigned talented artists looking for an opportunity to show their creations to a new audience and gain a few more followers. It took place in the heart of Manchester in Spinningfields and gathered some of the best artists in town. The quality bar was very high. We are looking to continue showcases in the next venue very soon.

We started an open mic in a small suburb outside the city centre to build a local community around our shared love for music. Almost two years in running it has been a massive success and opened doors to new projects for musicians who participate. Local residents ar very grateful for a real live music event in the area.

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We are always looking to expand and if you are interested to perform, collaborate or looking for someone to host an event at your venue please get in touch.

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